Owning A French Bulldog


Owning A French Bulldog

If you are looking to own a wonderful dog, there are a lot of breeds to look into. The French Bulldog is one of the best and definitely worth a look.  Below are just a few quick facts that will give you the basics about this breed so you can get a good start on deciding if this breed is for you and your family.

Size and Lifespan

Frenchies get up to a foot tall and 28 pounds heavy. In terms of the dog group, it is considered a companion dog. The French bulldog also lives between 11 years and 14 years.

Temperament and Lifestyle

dog-french-bulldogThese dogs do not need a whole lot of exercise aside from daily walks. They do enjoy a good game of ball and like to chase.   Keep in mind Frenchies do not do well in the heat. Dogs with short noses have a harder time panting to keep themselves cool.   You will need to take the time to monitor them regularly during hotter weather to ensure they don’t become ill and distressed due to the heat. Due to their short coat they are also not built for long spells in cold weather.  A cutr jacket can help on those colder days when you are out for a quick walk.  French Bulldogs are great companion dogs but none-the-less will need appropriate training around how to behave with other dogs, children and visitors as they can be territorial at times as well.

Bringing Home A French Bulldog

french-bulldog-ladyIt is important that you get your dog from a responsible breeder.  Upon arriving home, the next step should be securing a responsible vet who can provide your new pup with the vaccines he/she might need and future care as your puppy grows into adulthood.  It is recommended that you select a high quality dry puppy food and typically the breeder you purchase your dog from will be able to provide insight into food brands, how much to feed and an appropriate feeding schedule.  A comfy bed or better yet, your bed, and you’ll have a snuggle companion like no other!

Stocky and sturdy with a relaxed personality, French Bulldogs enjoy playing as much as they enjoy laying at your feet.  Overall a breed to consider if you are a first time dog owner and want what would be considered an “easier to handle” breed.

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