Labrador Retrievers And Your Family


Labrador Retrievers And Your Family

All you have to do is ask any past or present Labrador Retriever owners and you will quickly learn that this is a highly regarded dog breed. For anyone looking to add a four-legged family member to their household, this is a breed that is a wonderful choice for a number of reasons.

Great Family Dog

Overall, the Labrador Retriever is a great family dog. As long as you are able to offer a good amount of vigorous exercise and sot simply walking for a little while once a day, this is a breed that can be very happy. Labrador Retrievers love to be able to get outside as often as possible to enjoy everything from fetching and even swimming in a safe environment. This is why there are a lot of families who love outdoor adventures that will choose this lovable dog breed as their pet.


Great for Getting You and the Family Moving

However, if you live in an apartment setting or an area where you do not have much space for exercising, you could run into problems. This is a dog breed that loves to get exercise and attention. A bit too much confinement and a lack of exercise could lead to destructive chewing and rambunctious tendencies, making it difficult to leave your dog home without crate training for both safety and sanity.


Great with Kids of All Ages

Do you have children in the household or in your immediate neighborhood? Labrador Retrievers are known for being one of the best dogs to have for kids of all ages. These are dogs that are good natured, kind and tend to take most situations in stride. For the most part, the Labrador Retriever is able to find friendly ground with everyone. When compared to the Golden Retriever, the Labs are known for being a bit more conservative when it comes to showing affection.

Great Spirit & Fun-loving

For the spirit of a fun-loving dog, you should know that the Labrador Retriever breed is one that matures slowly. For several years, this is a dog that will be in your family and act like a spirited teenager to bring you many joyful memories. Just as long as you have a good deal of patience for training, you offer this dog ample exercise and a box full of treats, you will see that this is a smart breed to invest your time in.

With an easy to care for coat, a steady temper, an attitude that is eager to please and great for responsiveness to training, the Labrador Retriever is an excellent family dog.

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