The Benefits Of Microchipping Your Pet


The Benefits Of Micro Chipping Pets

When you have a pet that is part of your family, you want to do everything that you possibly can to protect it. If you are concerned about your pet getting lost, there are a number of pet owners today who are looking into micro chipping pets. There can actually be a number of benefits that can come from having this done, such as an extra level of protection and peace of mind.

The Scan Can Save Lives

puppy-vetWhenever your dog becomes lost, he or she can become very frightened. This can cause them to dash into territories that are unfamiliar and often times fairly dangerous. Whenever something like this happens, your pet’s ID tag could fall off amidst all of the chaos. In the event that someone does find your dog and they bring them into a veterinarian’s office or shelter, there can be a simple scan of their micro chip to get all of the vital information such as your name, address, telephone number, your pet’s name and any other pertinent information. Without a chip in place and the collar ends up lost, it could be nearly impossible for any rescuer to identify your four legged family member.

Helpful In Case Of Theft

In the unfortunate event that your pet ends up taken by someone else, you will find animal-welfarethat the micro chipping could come in handy to helping you become reunited. In some instances, dogs will be stolen if they are lose on the streets, while some could be taken right out of your yard or from your home during a break in. If your pet should break free from the thieves, or they are sold to someone else who then brings them into a veterinarian’s office, you will have a good chance that the chip will be scanned and you will be contacted.

Added Convenience

dog-doorThere are now some different dog door manufacturers that are integrating technology that will recognize the micro chip that your pet has. When your dog comes up to the door, it will open for them after the chip is detected. This is a great way for you to be able to keep out possible wildlife invaders while keeping the area free for your doge to come and go as they please.

Another wonderful thing about micro chipping pets is that this is not something that is limited to just dogs. There are a number of pet owners today who are having the micro chipping done on other animals, including ferrets, cats, horses, birds, rabbits and more.

Your pet will not have to be anesthetized at all, and they will be fully unaware that the chip is even in place after the procedure is all done and over with. You will have the registration certificate that shows proof of ownership as well as the contact information that you need for a recovery service.

The more that you look into your options when micro chipping pets, you will start to see that all of the benefits will begin to add up.

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