10 Popular Dog Breeds in Canada


Ten of the Top Dog Breeds in Canada

When you want to be sure that you’re able to find a dog that will become a great member of your household, you need to look into some great breeds that you can purchase or adopt. If you live in Canada, there are ten great breeds that you can consider bringing in. Start by considering the ten breeds below, as they are among the most popular throughout the entire country. (Now don’t be offended if we haven’t covered your favorite in this post. We obviously cant squeeze every breed into one article. Let us know if you like us to feature your favorite …

labrador-retriever#1: Labrador

The Labrador is a dog that is very popular due to the fact that they are friendly and very intelligent. They are very affectionate and incredibly kid friendly. They are also very friendly toward strangers and great for the entire household.

#2: Newfoundlanddog-newfounland-breed

This dog is historically known for its work capability. They are incredibly sweet nature and great for the family. These dogs are popular in Canada due to the fact that they are great for people with kids and also adaptable to the cold.

canadian-eskimo-dog-breed#3: Canadian Eskimo

This dog features a beautiful fur coat and a tremendous tolerance to the cold. These dogs are good with kids, very affectionate and energetic. They are also hard working and excellent guard dogs.

#4: German shepherdgerman-shepherd

These dogs are incredibly intelligent and capable of handling heavy workloads. German Shepherds are incredibly obedient and have been used for years by K-9 police and military units.

poodle#5: Poodle

These are some of the most popular dogs in the world due to their beauty and regal appearance. They are talented, affectionate and overall friendly.

#6: Havanesedog-havanese

These little dogs are friendly, energetic and fun for the whole family. They are incredibly energetic and easy to groom.

french-bulldog#7: French Bulldog

People who like little dogs with big personality enjoy ‘Frenchies‘. They are often groomed to be prize dogs and are kid friendly.

#8: Duck-Tolling-Retriever Duck-Tolling-Retriever

These mid-sized dogs are friendly, intelligent and great to own in both homes and apartments. They are adaptable to both hot and cold weather and great for family environments.

cesky-terrier#9: Cesky Terrier

These are excellent companion dogs that are affectionate and excellent for owners of all types.

#10: Finnish Spitzspitz-breed

These dogs are affectionate and feature a beautiful coat of fur. They are very social and don’t like being alone, but are fun for kids.


By considering these ten dog breeds, you will be in a better position to make sure that you are choosing the dog that suits you the most. They are all great options, and each has its pros and cons depending on your lifestyle. With this in the back of your head, you should develop a top two or three selection and start looking around to find these breeds. From here, you will be a few steps away from becoming a proud dog owner of one of these very popular dog breeds.

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